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Terrible Tusks!

Year 1 enjoyed following a recipe to make a terrible tusk! We learned about the importance of verbs and nouns and how bossy instructions need to be!

Walk around our local area

In Geography, the children have been learning about our local area, navigating using maps and recognising markers on a map. We went for a walk around our school, spotting recognisable landmarks from our travels to school.


In year 1 we are learning about our local area. I challenged year 1 to follow a map with markers on, and find the different place markers around the school. We found the hall, pirate ship, tyres and welcome shelter using the map.

Last Day Of Year 1

Another year of year 1 completed. It has been a pleasure to get to know our children and watch them grow. A class full of laughter, dance and music! They’ve all worked hard in their learning and I know they will continue to be their amazing, lovely selves in year 2. We will miss your …

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Bouncy Castle Fun!

As part of our sports week, Year 1 have been excited to play in the bouncy castles! We also had a turn at a Whack a mole and obstacle course!

Sports week!

A week full of sports! Year 1 have had a busy week of sports. We have taken part in sports day and tried our best for our houses (congratulations Vikings!). We also had time in dance, golf, multiskills and much more!

Singing Festival

Year 1 were invited to join the singing festival hosted by the Watford School of Music. We participated in singing new songs with other classes from school’s in Hertfordshire. The children also listened to beautiful music from different instruments.

Trip to London Zoo

To support our learning on animals and their habitats, Year 1 travelled to London Zoo with Year 2 to visit the animals. The children took part in a animal workshop where they explored different animal skins. We loved meeting our favourite animals in their homes.

Water play!

Friday was the hottest day of the year! Year 1 were  excited to enjoy some waterplay in the afternoon. Some even got us teachers soaked!


Year 1 have been delighted to try new skills in our DT project… Making a boat for an explorer! We designed our own boats, designed our prints, used hot glue and used new materials to create a boat for our explorers.