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Biome Explorers

As part of our Geography topic on climate and weather, we have been using the school site to help us learn about the flora and fauna of the deciduous forest biome. We used identification keys to help find out what plants and trees we have on site – we were surprised at home many wild …

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Magnetic Dance

Year 3 have been creating their own dance routines to represent magnets attracting and repelling. represent magnets attracting and repelling.

Red Nose Day Fun!

Year 3 had a fabulous time celebrating Red Nose Day. We did some comic relief themed Maths, told our favourite jokes and then finished off the day with a Red Nose Egg and Spoon race!

Our Completed Iron Age Village

After weeks of hard work, Year 3 completed their Iron Age village. First the children made their houses of wooden beams, Modroc, straw and card, then decorated and landscaped their homes. The class then turned their attention to how they would create a village. In History, we have studied the advancements in the Iron Age, …

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Outdoor Adventures

Year 3 were lucky enough to be invited for a day of exploration and adventure at York House School. The children split into groups to challenge themselves to walk along a slackline and traverse and climb the rock wall. Some of the group even had a go on the parkour course! The children also showed …

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Iron Age Roundhouses

In DT, Year 3 have been studying houses from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have set ourselves the task of creating our own model Iron Age village, like something that could be seen on display in a museum. Today, we created the first part of the model: our own Iron Age …

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Reciprocal Writing

In English, we have been reading The Finger Eater by Dick King Smith. In our lessons, we have been immersing ourselves in the world of the Far North, where Ulf the Troll terrorises the local village until the plucky and bold Gudrun comes up with a plan to put an end to his vicious ways. …

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End of Term Fun!

Year 3 have had a fabulous few weeks getting into the Christmas spirit. Alongside our lessons, we have been sewing Christmas decorations, creating pom-poms, designing and painting cards, learning about the Nativity story, and sparkling and shining in our Christmas performance. We also enjoyed our end of term extravaganza, with a pantomime, party and Christmas …

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Investigating soil

Year 3 investigated soil types yesterday afternoon, exploring it’s properties and how permeable different soil types were.  

Natural History Museum Trip

Year 3 have had a superb time exploring the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. After an excited coach ride up to London, the children explored the beautiful building and its many galleries. To link in with our Geography topic, we spent lots of time in the Earthquakes and Volcanoes gallery, where we braved the …

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