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Welcome to the fair!

Today Year 4 finished making their Chair- o- plane rides. We used a motorised pulley to make our chairs spin.  

Fairground rides

In DT we are building our own Chair-o-plane rides. We used our knowledge of circuits and have learnt how to saw, sand and use the glue guns. They are now very close to completion!


This term Year 4 have been learning to play Three little Birds on the ukulele.  

Easter Hat Parade

We’ve had great fun for Easter with a bonnet parade walking around the school, an egg hunt to find letters and make words, and lots more fun activities.  

Art based on poems

We learnt the poem Trees on Parade by Valarie Bloom and used pastels to create some art work based on the poem.

Jan 18th – Year 4 home learning

Goblins The Magic Goblin Year 4 have been working hard to create an ultimate guide to goblins.  

Home Learning

It has been another few weeks of fantastic dedication from Year 4.  Well done everyone, keep up all the good work.  Your Viking projects are looking great and we continue to love seeing what you’ve been getting up to with your family.

Year 4 at home

Year 4 have continued to work hard at home.  It was Florence Nightingale’s birthday recently and so they have been researching her life and work, made lanterns and even made silhouette drawings. They have learned all about VE Day and decorated their homes for the celebrations. Whether it is the home learning set work, jobs …

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Exciting projects!

Year 4 have been extremely busy working on a range of projects including researching the history of the NHS, making their own instruments and then composing a piece of music, using their instruments to accompany a favourite short story.  They have also been making birthday cards and posters for Captain Tom and recreating famous pictures.  …

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Year 4 at home

Wow Year 4!  You have all been so busy at home on school work, learning new life skills and spending quality time with your family.  We are all so proud of you and love the updates you are sending in.  Look at the pictures to see what your friends have been getting up to.  We …

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