Enrichment Calendar

Autumn Spring Summer
Nursery Forest Schools Christmas Nativity Visits from:

Fire Brigade, Paramedics, Lollipop Lady Police

Forest Schools

Class Assembly (Sp 2)

Forest Schools Farm Visit

Class Assembly (S2)

Reception Chinese New Year Animals Workshop Christmas Nativity Diwali

Forest Schools

Ducklings and Rabbits Snake Workshop Forest Schools

Natural History Museum (Dinosaurs) Class Assembly (Sp 2)

Knebworth House Class Assembly (Su 2) Forest Schools
Year 1 HCC Food Workshops Christmas Nativity Animals visits – habitats Zoo animals – Paradise Park Class Assembly (Spr 1) Assembly (Su 1) Ruislip Lido – Seasons
Year 2 HCC Food Workshop Lidl Shop Visit Christmas Nativity Animal visit

Watford Schools Trust – Christmas Class Assembly (A2)

Museum of London

Watford Schools Trust – Easter Class Assembly (Sp 2) Fairground Rides Workshops

Garden Centre Visit Biodome/Allotments Visit
Year 3 Science Museum Visit Christmas Show

Race Cars Workshop Animals Workshop Class Assembly (A2)

Colne Valley – Rivers field work Class Assembly (Spr 2) St Alban’s Cathedral Visit – Romans
Year 4 British Museum Visit Class Assembly (A1) Christmas Show Magic Workshop Carousel Workshop Gurdwara/Mosque Visit Chiltern Open Air Museum Class Assembly (Su 1)

Year 4, 5 & 6 Production

Year 5 Kidzania

Pop Tubs (Science Workshop)

Royal Observatory

Orreries (Science Workshop)

Year 4, 5 & 6 Production Yorke House Overnight Camp