Greenfields Primary School

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It’s ‘My Amazing Brain Week!’ Are you ready to learn about all the fantastic things your brain can do?


Teaching Staff

Mrs Helen Cook                                Head Teacher

Mr John Burt                                    Deputy Head

Mrs Joanne Evans                           Deputy Head/Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Shelagh O’Shea                        Nursery Teacher/Early Years Lead

Mrs Nicola Weller                            SENCo & Inclusion Manager

Mrs Carmen Muresan                      Reception Teacher

Mrs Helen Davies                             Year 1 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

Mrs Regan Skelhorn                        Year 1 Teacher (Thursday & Friday)

Mrs Kamini Khandahi                     Year 2 Teacher

Mr James Wilkinson                       Year 3 Teacher

Ms Priyal Shah                                 Year 4 Teacher (Thursday & Friday)

Mrs Kim May                                     Year 5 Teacher (Tuesday – Friday)

Mr Mark Pople                                  Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Corrine Howell                         French Teacher (Monday & Wednesday)

Mr Ian Hogan                                    Tenor Horn Teacher (Tuesday)



Support Staff

Mrs Tina Meredith                           School Secretary

Mrs Fran Parker                                Office Administrator

Mrs Ayca Maxwell

Mr Steven Moss                                 Site Manager


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sue Aedy, Mrs Donna Petchey, Mrs Julie Cochrane, Mrs Vicki Nugent, Mrs Nicola Gilder, Mrs Cheryl Irwin, Mrs Alison Wilkins, Mrs Dawn East,  Mrs Carol Payne, Mrs Vicki Lawless, Mrs Marie Jefferis, Miss Alison Wilds.


Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs.Sharon Stockdale,


Kitchen staff

Ms Sally Miles ( Acting cook in charge)

Mrs Kate Mahon (assistant)





Greenfields Primary School
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WD19 6QH

020 8428 1166

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Mrs Helen Cook