19th January 2023 – Reptile Visit

Today we had a visit from a ball python and a tortoise. The children were truly amazed at them. Almost all of the children stroked the snake and the tortoise. They were all very inquisitive and asked lots of questions. We found out that the snake is called Monster and lives in a vivarium. It’s favourite place to sleep is under a log in the vivarium. It likes to be picked up. Monster uses it’s tongue to smell. The children noticed how the snake put its tongue out when they went near to stroke it gently. We found out that Monster eats mice and eats every two weeks. The children noticed that it’s skin was smooth. The snake has rougher skin underneath it’s body. We put the snake in the tuff tray and watched how it moves. We saw how it moves in an s shape. The children really loved the snake. The tortoise’s name is Sid. It lives in a tank. The children noticed that the shell was very hard and it’s legs and head were bumpy and rough. We found out it eats salad. We put it in the tuff tray and watched how it moves. It was quite quick and we could hear its claws scuttle along the tray. The children noticed that it can make its head hide in its shell. The children thought it did this if it was scared. We talked about how dinosaurs were a type of reptile and this is what their skin could have felt and looked like. We also discussed that the snake is a carnivore and the tortoise is a herbivore. We then talked about how dinosaurs were herbivores and carnivores and the types of food that they ate.