1950s School Dinners

As part of our local area study, Year 5 created their own menu for a 1950s school dinner, using ingredients that would have been found in South Oxhey in this period.

Today, the class of budding chefs took up the challenge of working in teams to cook these school meals. For some of the children, this was their first time cooking a meal and they rose to the occasion wonderfully. They learned how to safely use sharp knives, peelers and hot saucepans and frying pans to create their meals.

We can’t wait until next week, where we will have access to herbs and spices from around the world to add more flavour to a 2020s style dish…

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!!

This week we have reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We have absolutely enjoyed the story and it is definitely one of our favourites. The children have been joining in reading the story and joining in with Michael Rosen too on YouTube. Our role play area was turned into the story and we even went on a sensory bear hunt in the garden. Our favourite part was of course reaching the cave and then running back through the different obstacles to reach home. The children did think that the bear in the story was sad at the end as he only wanted somebody to play with. We even made our own story based on the book. Our story is called ‘We’re Going on a Unicorn Hunt’ and we have some very imaginative obstacles to go through. Check it out in our 3 o’clock read box!

Look at how much fun we have had!!

Troll Jelly

Reception read ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and have been doing a variety of activities to do with the story. They have absolutely loved retelling the story in our story tray and have been enjoying being the different characters. They have loved being the troll and especially the Big Billy Goat Gruff. We made troll jelly. The jelly was green – agreat troll colour and we used different sweet for the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. We thoroughly enjoyed eating it!!

Year 1 went on a Tree Hunt

Year 1 had a lovely afternoon in the woods identifying trees as part of their unit of work in Science on Plants.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Year 6 have been thinking about the 5 different ways they can help their wellbeing.  These are:  Keep Learning; Stay Active; Give; Take Notice and Connect.

Geography Fieldwork

As part of our Topic on South Oxhey, we have been undertaking geographical fieldwork to learn more about our local area. We gathered data about the environment, types of housing, and volume of passing road and foot traffic on four roads around South Oxhey: Prestwick Road, Fairfield Avenue, Ashridge Drive and Furze Close. We found Prestwick Road the most challenging to record data about – the cars just kept coming!

Welcome to the fair!

Today Year 4 finished making their Chair- o- plane rides. We used a motorised pulley to make our chairs spin.


Terrible Tusks

In Year 1, we have been reading Gruffalo Crumble and other Recipes. We followed the instructions to create our own terrible tusks and write the instructions to make them! They were very tasty!

Fairground rides

In DT we are building our own Chair-o-plane rides. We used our knowledge of circuits and have learnt how to saw, sand and use the glue guns. They are now very close to completion!

Artificial Pollination

As part of our Science topic on Life Cycles, we have been learning about how flowering plants reproduce. After finding out about pollination, we wondered if it was possible to pollinate a plant without having bees or the wind involved. To test this, we collected pollen from the anther of one geranium flower and moved this onto the stigma of another flower. We are excited to see whether our hand pollination is a success, or if we should leave the hard work to the bees!