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Welcome to Reception’s Webpage.

The staff in Reception are Mrs Fernando, Mrs Perren , Mrs Walsh, Mrs Durkan and Ms Barrett.

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Reception Routines

  • Soft start: The doors open at 8.45am to enable children to take part in busy finger activities and choose their lunch independently. The doors close promptly at 8.55am and the register is taken.
  • Books: Please read with your children at least 4 times each week and sign their reading records. Children will receive one-two books each week. Look at the front cover of your child’s reading log to remind you which day they need to bring their books in.
  • PE: every Thursday

Clothing: We would be really grateful if you could make sure that all clothing has your child’s name on it please.

Forest Schools:

  • We are delighted that we can offer Forest School learning in Nursery and Reception.  The children will take part in these activities every week, throughout the academic year.  This is a long term, learner led approach, offering children time, freedom and space to learn at their own pace, through open ended play. Forest School offers learners practical experiences and the opportunity to take supported risks, led by a qualified Forest School practitioner, which are appropriate to the environment and to themselves, such as den building, fire lighting and tool work. The natural environment provides resources and opportunities to learn and embed lifelong social skills, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

Reception Topics

  • Autumn 1: The topic for the first half-term is ‘All about Me.’ The children will be thinking about themselves and how they fit into their family and the school community.
  • Autumn 2: The topic for the second half-term is ‘Let’s Celebrate.’ We will be learning about different celebrations – the birth of a baby, birthdays, Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Hannukah.
  • Spring 1: The topic for the first half-term is ‘Dinosaurs’. The children will learn about different dinosaurs and that there were herbivores and carnivores. We will learn how they fit into our timeline.
  • Spring 2: The topic is ‘Growing’. The children will learn about how we change as we get older.  We look at similarities and differences between each other and we grow plants and flowers and look at the life cycle of a plant.
  • Summer 1: The topic for the first half-term is ‘Traditional Tales’. We will be reading some classic tales and doing lots of retelling and writing around the stories.
  • Summer 2: The topic for the second half-term is ‘Journeys’. We will be learning about new and old forms of transport, their similarities and differences, taking a magical book journey through different forms of transport.

The documents below will give you more information about learning in Reception.

Reception Blog

  • Reception September 2021

    Reception have had a great start to the year and have been enjoying settling in and making new friends. They have been enjoying exploring their new classroom and resources and the outdoor area.

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!!

    This week we have reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We have absolutely enjoyed the story and it is definitely one of our favourites. The children have been joining in reading the story and joining in with Michael Rosen too on YouTube. Our role play area was turned into the story and we even went on a sensory bear hunt in the garden. Our favourite part was of course reaching the cave and then running back through the different obstacles to reach home. The children did think that the bear in the story was sad at the end as he only wanted somebody to play with. We even made our own story based on the book. Our story is called ‘We’re Going on a Unicorn Hunt’ and we have some very imaginative obstacles to go through. Check it out in our 3 o’clock read box!

    Look at how much fun we have had!!

  • Troll Jelly

    Reception read ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and have been doing a variety of activities to do with the story. They have absolutely loved retelling the story in our story tray and have been enjoying being the different characters. They have loved being the troll and especially the Big Billy Goat Gruff. We made troll jelly. The jelly was green – agreat troll colour and we used different sweet for the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. We thoroughly enjoyed eating it!!

  • Reception’s Fruit Salad


    This week in Reception we have been reading the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad By Vivian French. Oliver loves his Grandpa’s garden as he grows all his own fruit and vegetables. Oliver spends time there helping Grandpa pick them. One day while eating breakfast he tells his Mum that he helps Grandpa pick crunchy red apples from the garden. A little while later Mum gets a tin of pears out of the cupboard and Oliver comments how Grandpa grows fresh pears in his garden. They go to the supermarket and Oliver discovers so many different fruits. They buy them and bring them home and Oliver says that he doesn’t like fruit. Grandpa comes to their house and sees all the wonderful fruit on the table and says “Fruit salad.” Oliver has never had this before and helps to cut up the fruit and to his surprise he likes fruit salad.  This afternoon we made our very own fruit salad, the children were so excited. Lots of children said that they have never had fruit salad before and that they couldn’t wait to taste it. They cut the fruit very carefully using a plastic knife. The children commented on how delicious the fruits smelled while they were cutting. They noticed the colour, smell and texture of the different fruits and we talked about if they had tasted the different fruits before.  Just like Oliver the children love fruit salad too!!

  • Duckling update!!

    We are absolutely loving having the ducklings in Reception. At the weekend our last egg hatched, so now that’s a total of five – just like the song, which we have been singing too!! The ducklings have changed so quickly over the past few days and we have noticed that they are getting taller, they are not as fluffy as they were after they hatched, they don’t have their egg tooth anymore, they can move very quickly and stay together, they are eating and drinking a lot and they spend lots of time sleeping under the heat stand. Today we took the ducklings outside and put them in the water tray and watched them swim. We were amazed that they know how to swim already. They splashed about and even got us a little wet. The ducklings even know how to dip and dive under the water. We are really going to miss them when they leave us to go to their new homes.

  • HRH Prince Philip

    On Friday we found out a little bit about HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. We watched newsround and talked about what we saw. In his memory we made flags that the children took home to wave and say goodbye.


  • Great News!!

    Since our last blog we have had two more new arrivals. We now have four ducklings. They are doing really well and enjoying each others company. On Friday we held the ducklings, we have been waiting patiently to do this. We were so excited but we were very careful and very gentle. with them.


  • New Life

    In Reception we had some new visitors in our classroom. On Monday when we got to school we found an incubator with some eggs inside it. The incubator was keeping the eggs warm and safe so that they could hatch. On Thursday morning when we arrived at school we found that one of the eggs had hatched and we had a duckling. We asked lots of questions about what had happened overnight. We were really excited but we had to remember that the duckling was a newborn and just like after we were born we had to be gentle. We took turns to pet the duckling. It was really soft and it moved a lot.  Later on in the morning another egg hatched and we watched it come out of the shell. It was really amazing. Now there are two ducklings and they can keep each other company. They have been making lots of noise and we are fascinated by them. We are thoroughly enjoying observing them and taking extra special care of them. We are hoping that more eggs will hatch!

  • Home Learning week beginning 1st February 2021

    This week we have been very busy at home. It was Children’s Mental Health Week and we have been taking part in different activites to make us feel happy. This week we have been finding out about volcanoes as part of our Dinosaur topic. As part of this we have  been scientists and making our own volcanic eruption. This was very exciting!! We watched in wonder as the final ingredient was added to make the reaction and as you can see from our faces it was magical! We have also been busy making volcano pictures, sequencing our story of the week Romp in the Swap By Ian Whybrow, writing about our favourite part of the story, sequencing and counting with numbers to 15 and practising our handwriting. We also took part in the teddy tower challenge. Look at some of the towers that were crteated – WOW!!


  • Home Learning week beginning 24th January 2021

    This week the children have been reading Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs: Romp in the Swamp. We have been thinking about what we would put in a magical bucket and have an adventure with. We have made our own swamps, made slime and created dinosaur pictures using shapes. We have also been recognising, reciting, ordering and couting up to 15.