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Home Learning

We value the part that parents play in their child’s education. Family visits to libraries, museums, parks and other places of interest are rich in opportunities for learning and these can easily be linked to work done in school.

At all stages of their education families are asked to find time to read with their child on a daily basis. This may be sharing the reading or library books from school or looking at comics, magazines or newspapers with older children. All children have access to maths games which are designed to challenge and reinforce mathematical concepts at different levels across the school. We ask that you find time to play these games with your children during the week. Increasingly children will be asked to research topics being studied and complete projects at home to support their learning in school.

Homework is important in teaching children how to plan and organise their time; develops good study habits and self-discipline; and reinforcing school learning.

Home Learning tasks are linked to topics being studied in school. These tasks are designed to allow families to explore and discover aspects of the topic together and present this in  range of different ways, such as models, posters, presentations, powerpoints etc.