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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5’s Webpage.

The staff in Year 5 are Mr Pople & Mrs Payne

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  • Swimming takes place on Tuesday for the Autumn & Spring Terms
  • PE is on Tuesday – please wear school PE t-shirt and your school jumper/cardigan
  • Reading books can be changed daily with the expectation to read 4 times per week
  • Reading homework is set on a Monday to be handed in on the following Monday
  • English homework is set on a Tuesday to be handed in the following Tuesday
  • Maths games are taken home on a Wednesday and should be played at least twice before returning (with signed homework book) the following Wednesday
  • Personalised spelling lists to learn (and any other spelling activities) are sent home on a Thursday, to be completed by the following Thursday
  • Maths homework will be set on a Friday to be handed in on the following Friday

Year 5 Blog

  • Our Trek into the Wilderness – the Rainforests at Kew Gardens

    Year 5 visited Kew Gardens to learn all about rainforests, as we had been learning about South America, rivers and the Amazon Rainforest.
    It was an amazing day with so many experiences: travelling on the train, walking amongst the plants in the giant greenhouses, taking part in workshops about products from the rainforest, exploring the Children’s Garden and climbing the 100+ steps to walk in the canopy of the trees. AMAZING!
  • Year 5 visit Hogwarts

    Year 5 were invited to a Harry Potter themed day at Merchant Taylors’ School during which they took part in several lessons all themed around wizardry and witchcraft. They made potions & slime as well as casting spells in the science lab; created spooky hats and wands in the technology block and tried their hand at Quidditch! It was an exciting and educational day with lots of learning, magic and costumes!

  • Camp Out

    Last week, Year 5 were fortunate to spend a day and night at York House School. We spent  24 hours outdoors, eating and sleeping under canvas. It was certainly a fun packed 24 hours with some of the activities we took part in were: orienteering, scavenger hunt, STEM, shelter building and feeding their animals.

  • Mini Police Project

    In Year 5,  our local PCSO has been visiting us on a weekly basis, teaching us about our community officers and their role. We have learnt  what Anti-Social Behaviour is and how the Police deal with it.  We have located our nearest Police Station and what to do if we need the Police in an emergency. One of the most important messages we have learnt is that the  Police are their to help and assist the public  and are not our enemy.

    Today, we were lucky to have two officers visit us and show us a Police Van! We sat inside the cell, which is small but secure and also has a microphone and camera. The van is equipped with some vital things they may need while patrolling the streets. Nathan was able to sit in the driver’s seat and sound off the alarms!


  • St Helen’s Visit

    We were fortunate to be  invited to St Helen’s School to experience some of their facilities and resources on offer. We spent the day in their Science Lab – firstly looking at cells which are the basic building blocks of all living things. Next we learnt about the skeleton and the names of our bones. This was bought to life by playing a game of relay while building a skeleton – extra points were given if we could name the bones.

    Lastly, we dissected a lamb’s heart. Some of our class could not stomach this activity as it smelt and had dried blood on the heart. We identified the  left atrium and ventricle on the right side. The left half felt much firmer and more muscular than the right side. The left side of the heart is stronger because it has to pump blood to the whole body. The right side only pumps blood to the lungs.

  • 1950’s Rations

    We have been studying our local history ‘South Oxhey’  and found out that the estate was built to house people from London who had been bombed. The London Council felt South Oxhey was a perfect spot to build houses, not only did it have a lot of land to build houses on but also a direct train link back into London.

    Back in 1950, food was still being rationed due to the war and many houses did not have fridges or freezers . We cooked a meal using only the ingredients which wear available in this time: vegetables which were grown in England mainly on allotments, tinned corned beef and limited spices – only salt and pepper.

    The onions caused many of our eyes to water and made the room smell.


  • A World Of Work

    In Year 5, we experienced what it would be like to be an adult for the day by visiting the World Of Work – Kidzania. We had to undertake a variety of jobs to earn our money (Kidzos). After working through jobs like: car washing, delivery person, shelf stacker in a supermarket, fireman and police, we were able to spend the money we earnt in the shop!

  • Queen’s Jubilee Fun

    We celebrated the Queen’s 70th Year on the throne by playing lots of traditional games along with a tea party! After singing ‘The National Anthem’, we tucked into the delicious sandwiches which we made earlier.

    Lots of FUN was had by all!

  • Red Nose Day

    We came to school wearing something ‘red’ to symbolise the charity Red Nose Day! To mark the day with a bit of fun, we had a Red Nose and Spoon Race, along with telling some terrible jokes to make Mrs Day laugh.
    “Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?” Because he had nobody to go with!

  • Tag Rugby

    Year 5 took part in a Tag Rugby Festival with local schools. Due to the heavy rain the previous day, it made the game more difficult to run the pitch, to score a try and tag opponents. On the other hand, it sure was fun sliding on the muddy field. Team C came 1st in their league with Teams A & B coming 2nd. Well Done to all the children who took part, especially the four children from Year 4 – who only had an hour to learn the techniques and rules.