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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s Webpage

The staff in Year 3 are Mr Wilkinson, Ms Ford and Mrs Quarrell.

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Year 3 Routines:

  • P.E. is on a Tuesday and Thursday. Pupils need to come to school in PE kit on both days.
  • Reading books need to be in school every day and will be changed Monday and Thursday.
  • Spellings are handed out on Monday to learn by the following Monday.
  • Times Tables Practice will be carried out weekly on Wednesdays with the expectation the children will know their 2, 3, 4, 5,  8 and 10 times tables by the end of Year 3. Children are expected to practice at home on Times Table Rockstars
  • Homework (Maths or Grammar) will be given on a Friday to be handed in the following Thursday.

Year 3 Blog

  • Welcome to Year 3

    Year 3 have really enjoyed using their ball skills in PE and starting to learn the Glockenspiel in music. It was amazing to see how many children wanted to perform their own short piece using the notes of C, D and E.

  • Investigating the Ancient Maya

    As part of our History topic about the Ancient Maya, Year 3 have been learning all about the Maya Civilisation. We have explored the number system, which had a concept of zero for place value, and then looked at the logograms that made up the hieroglyphic language. We then immersed ourselves in the food of the Ancient Maya by making Mayan hot chocolate, which included chilli and cinnamon. We can’t wait to try and make our own tortillas soon!

  • Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee

    Year 3 had a wonderful time celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Alongside creating portraits of Her Majesty, we decorated biscuits, designed plates, sewed bunting and threw ourselves into a selection of party games. We especially enjoyed making – and eating! – our cucumber sandwiches.

  • Practical Learning

    In Year 3, we have had a very busy half term. Along with our topic work, we have been focusing on scaling in Maths and formatting speech in Spelling. We got our A3 paper out and set to work, scaling lines by ten and using macaroni to represent apostrophes, inverted commas and regular commas when punctuating speech.

  • Biome Explorers

    As part of our Geography topic on climate and weather, we have been using the school site to help us learn about the flora and fauna of the deciduous forest biome. We used identification keys to help find out what plants and trees we have on site – we were surprised at home many wild flowers we could find!

  • Magnetic Dance

    Year 3 have been creating their own dance routines to represent magnets attracting and repelling.


  • Red Nose Day Fun!

    Year 3 had a fabulous time celebrating Red Nose Day. We did some comic relief themed Maths, told our favourite jokes and then finished off the day with a Red Nose Egg and Spoon race!

  • Our Completed Iron Age Village

    After weeks of hard work, Year 3 completed their Iron Age village. First the children made their houses of wooden beams, Modroc, straw and card, then decorated and landscaped their homes. The class then turned their attention to how they would create a village. In History, we have studied the advancements in the Iron Age, such as smelting iron ore to make weapons, increased use of fishing, farming and rearing sheep for meat and wool, and how settlements were built on hills to keep the people safe. The children split into groups, each taking an aspect of Iron Age life, and made decorations and models to add to the village backdrop, which they modelled and painted themselves. Finally, it was time to create figures (can you spot the warriors covered in blue woad paint to scare off the Romans?) and assemble the village; the children thought carefully about the placement of their houses relative to the campfires and water that kept the villagers alive. What a fantastic museum-quality piece they have made!

  • Outdoor Adventures

    Year 3 were lucky enough to be invited for a day of exploration and adventure at York House School. The children split into groups to challenge themselves to walk along a slackline and traverse and climb the rock wall. Some of the group even had a go on the parkour course! The children also showed their map reading and teamwork skills to go orienteering independently around the school site. They certainly ran a long way to find the marker points! The class then came back together to meet and feed the rescue animals, including pigs, goats and donkeys. We ended the day in the woods doing some shelter building, which was the highlight of our trip! Thank you so much to the team at York House for having us – we have been inspired to get outside and practice our adventure skills further.

  • Iron Age Roundhouses

    In DT, Year 3 have been studying houses from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have set ourselves the task of creating our own model Iron Age village, like something that could be seen on display in a museum. Today, we created the first part of the model: our own Iron Age roundhouses. We used glue guns to secure our wooden posts into our house bases and then used Modroc to create our walls because we didn’t fancy using the real wattle and daub (which included a mix of mud and animal dung!). We then created our thatched roofs out of card and hay. We cannot wait for the next part of our design project.