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Christmas Fun

Lots of fun was had by all on the last day of term; we watched our Christmas Production, and a Panto, Christmas Dinner, a party and a visit from Father Christmas.

Lino Printing

In art, we looked at the work of William Morris who was an English textile designer. His artwork was based on nature which included flowers. We created our own print based on flowers from the Amazon Rainforest and used the technique of Lino Printing.

Canopic Jars

In our History topic, we found out that the Ancient Egyptians mummified their Pharaohs’ bodies and during this process they pulled out the main organs. The organs were stored in Canopic Jars: Duamutef with the head of a jackal protected the stomach, Qebhsebbuef with the head of a falcon protected the intestines, Hapy with the …

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Fun Run

Yesterday, Year 5 attended our first Family Festival for this academic year – The Fun Run. We have been training to ensure we were all ready to complete the course which was about 1500m. Each week we started off with a ‘Warm-up’ run – this was really important as it warmed up our blood which …

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Kew Gardens

Before we broke up for the Half Term Holiday, we visited Kew Gardens where we took a multi-sensory journey through a living rainforest and explored the historic Palm House. As soon as we entered the enormous greenhouse, we could feel the humidity which the plants need to grow. We learnt the importance of the rainforest …

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An Afternoon of Music

Today, we were treated to concert performed by The Purcell School for Young Musicians. We clapped and sang along to lots of Disney tunes from a symphony orchestra, a big band and fantastic singers. It was a most enjoyable afternoon listening to some of our favourite songs from Lion King to Frozen 2!

Celebrating 70 Years of Greenfields

During our first week back to school after the Summer Break, we focused our learning on: ‘The History of Greenfields, How Birthdays are Celebrated around the World and wrote diary entries from the perspective of Bradley in There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom when he went to his first birthday party.’ However, the pinnacle …

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Reactivating our Maths

In Year 5, we have been settling into the new academic year and reactivating our maths while playing games.

Sports Week!

During Sports Week, we have tried our hand at many different sports, including football, athletics, street dance, dodgeball and the all-important inflatable obstacle race and bar football.  As well as enjoying everything on offer, we created our very own sport activity circuit, which we then ran as a round robin for the school. This gave …

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York House Experience

We were lucky enough to be invited to spend a day having lots of fun doing Outdoor Adventure Activities at York House School. Working together as a team, as well as challenging ourselves, we experienced how outdoor learning can be brought to life. We interacted with the rescue animals while doing some small-holding; pushed ourselves …

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