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Remote Learning

Year 5 have got stuck into their remote learning. We have been learning ‘what makes a good persuasive advert’ and are now planning and writing our own persuasive advertisement for a new school – maybe it is a school of skateboarding or cycling or cookery. In maths we have been calculating the perimeter and area …

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Lockdown Learning – We’re In This Together!

Year 5 may not all be together in the classroom, however they have all been working extremely hard on their learning so far this term. From dangerous dragons in our Excitable Edgar work, to touch-typing and competing to get the highest scores, from amazing artwork of what makes us happy and original origami activities as …

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Remote Learning in Year 5

Year 5 have been looking at ‘How to keep ourselves safe online’ and made posters to show the importance of this, using Purple Mash and developing our design skills along the way. We have been keeping up with our Reading Challenge and wrote book reviews about a book we have read. Starting our Science topic …

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Cross Country

In order to enter our Schools Sports Partnership – Virtual Cross Country Event, Year 5 completed the Fun 4 Run Program this term. Each week we would start our PE lesson with a warm-up as it not only reduces the risk of injury, it also enhanced our performance. We would then move onto ‘running drills’ …

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In Year 5, we had a visitor from the Schools Sports Partnership, who taught us how to play Handball. We did some warm-up games, where we had to control the ball while moving, bouncing and throwing to a member of our team. After learning the rules, in teams of 6, we competed in a league …

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‘Boomwhackers’ are a lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tube, tuned to a musical pitch by length. Today, in Year 5, we had a visitor in school, who taught us how to use the Boomwhackers and create a rhythm. “I liked the Boomwhackers because we played games and when banging them, we got to release some energy.” …

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Saving the Ice Cube!

In Science this week, we applied all our learning about properties of materials to design and carry out our own investigations. Miss Parry gave us a variety of equipment and asked us to separate a mixture of warm water, metal pins, nails and an ice cube without touching anything with our hands, . We had …

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Human Noughts and Crosses

In our class teams we played a strategy game of Noughts and Crosses during our PE session this week. The aim was to get 3 in a row using hoops and beanbags. It was great fun, very competitive while getting our heart rates up!  

Budding Musicians

We have been learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel.  The notes D and E were used. A crotchet rest is worth one count, a crotchet is worth one count, a minim is worth two counts and the minim rest is worth two counts. We followed the music sheet and played a …

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Science Investigators

In science today, we were investigating ‘Thermal Conductors’ as part of our Properties of Materials topic. We use three different materials (wood, plastic, metal) to investigate which material conducted heat the best. We worked this out by observing which spoon allowed the butter to melt the fastest! Metal won the race! Which one do you …

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