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Welcome to Reception’s Webpage.

The staff in Reception are Mrs Fernando, Mrs Walsh and Ms Barrett.

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Reception Routines

  • Soft start: The doors open at 8.45am to enable children to take part in busy finger activities and choose their lunch independently. The doors close promptly at 8.55am and the register is taken.
  • Books: Please read with your children at least 4 times each week and sign their reading records. Children will receive one-two books each week. Look at the front cover of your child’s reading log to remind you which day they need to bring their books in.
  • PE: every Monday and Thursday

Clothing: We would be really grateful if you could make sure that all clothing has your child’s name on it please.

Reception Topics

  • Autumn 1: The topic for the first half-term is ‘All about Me.’ The children will be thinking about themselves and how they fit into their family and the school community.
  • Autumn 2: The topic for the second half-term is ‘Let’s Celebrate.’ We will be learning about different celebrations – the birth of a baby, birthdays, Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Hannukah.
  • Spring 1: The topic for the first half-term is ‘Dinosaurs’. The children will learn about different dinosaurs and that there were herbivores and carnivores. We will learn how they fit into our timeline.
  • Spring 2: The topic is ‘Growing’. The children will learn about how we change as we get older.  We look at similarities and differences between each other and we grow plants and flowers and look at the life cycle of a plant.
  • Summer 1: The topic for the first half-term is ‘Traditional Tales’. We will be reading some classic tales and doing lots of retelling and writing around the stories.
  • Summer 2: The topic for the second half-term is ‘Journeys’. We will be learning about new and old forms of transport, their similarities and differences, taking a magical book journey through different forms of transport.

The documents below will give you more information about learning in Reception.

Reception Blog

  • Kipper’s Birthday!!

    We had such a wonderful time at Kipper’s Birthday Party yesterday, but a lot of hard work and preparation went into it.For the past two weeks we have been getting ready for the big event. Last week we made invitations for our friends and this week we made birthday cards for Kipper. We made a birthday cake, decorated biscuits and made jam sandwiches. We made a list of all the things we needed to do to get ready and ticked them off to make sure that we did everything. The children had such a wonderful time and it was great to see them all so happy. They thoroughly enjoyed playing musical chairs and pass the parcel.

  • Remembrance Day 11.11.2020

    Today we watched Year 6 performing their assembly about Armistice day.  I was very proud of all the children as they watched the assembly quietly and respectfully. The children have been learning about why we celebrate each year and remember what the brave and courageous soldiers have done for us. We made a class poppy, which all the children took part in making.

  • Reception Halloween Fun!!

    Over the past few days the children have really enjoyed some Halloween fun. In Literacy we have been reading Meg and Mog and the children have been making a list of things that they would put in a cauldron to make a spell. They absolutely loved scooping out the seeds and flesh from the pumpkin and then we made a magic potion with it. I added some magic powder (bicarbonate of soda) and magic liquid (vinegar) and the children explained the changes that occurred.  As a class we took a vote to decide what face our Jack’O Lantern should have and then we had a spooky story in our Halloween house and lit the Jack’O Lantern.


  • The Bear Under the Stairs

    This week we have been reading ‘The Bear Under the Stairs’ By Helen Cooper. We brought the story to life by having a bear in the cupboard. The children really thought that there was a bear there. They drew him lots of pictures and he drew them a picture back just like in the story. He was very sorry for scaring them when we went to the cupboard. On Friday he wrote a sign saying that he had gone away. The children were brave and looked in the cupboard and to their surprise the bear had left them a gift – a teddy bear! They were so happy.

  • Settling into Reception!

  • World Book Day 2020

    The children had a wonderful book filled day! We enjoyed listening to stories read by Mr Pople and his dinosaurs and by Miss Wilds and Miss Bradley our helper. We shared our bedtime stories in the reading corner and best of all we loved wearing our pyjamas!!

  • Christmas in Reception

    We are so proud of our little stars for their great performance in our Christmas Show. They really were STARS!!