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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 Webpage.

The staff in Year 1 are Miss Wilkins and Mrs Jefferis.


  • Reading Books are changed:  Monday and Thursday
  • PE is on a Monday and Friday
  • Spellings are sent home on a Monday
  • Maths Workbooks will be sent home on a Monday

The documents below will give you more detailed information about learning in Year 1 this year.

Year 1 Blog

  • In honour of Science Week, Year 1 and 2 spent an afternoon together with parents exploring and investigating lots of different areas of Science. We had apple dissection to sort out the parts of an apple, dancing raising to see what gases can do, tin foil boats to create the best floating boat, lego house building with different materials for the roof to see if they were waterproof, skittle rainbows to see how colours leave the skittles, ice with different substances to see what melted it fastest, and magnets to sort out what was magnetic and what was not

    The children, and parents, had masses of fun and it led to some awesome conversations. It was lovely to see so many parents get involved and be able to discuss science with such excitement and the enthusiasm followed back to classrooms where the children had (what felt like!) hundreds of great and inquisitive questions.

  • Alien’s in the wood!

    Last week the children loved exploring the text Beegu, so we have carried it on this week. We took a walk out to our local woodland and imagined if our spaceship had landed in the woods… how would we feel? What would we do? Just like in Beegu, we spoke to the trees!

    We then spent time exploring the woods, it was very muddy and we discussed why this was, we found insects and mushrooms which led to some great scientific conversations and lots of questions.

  • World Book Week in Year 1

    To celebrate world book day at Greenfields we have had been participating in a mass of activities. We have done heaps of reading, including some shared reading with the Year 5 children.

    Our focus for the week has been Beegu, which the children have loved so much we are carrying it on next week! We looked in detail at the front cover and the illustrations and considered how it would feel to be someone in an unfamiliar place where the people didn’t speak the same language. This led to some lovely conversations about the different languages that the children speak at home and some researching to discover why there are so many different languages.

    We used one of the illustrations from Beegu to create some art work.

    For the background we used water colours to cover a piece of paper, the children had to use long strokes across the page to make the appearance of the sky.

    Then we had to create the skyline. We used shapes from our maths area to draw around and then cut out, we had to consider which shapes to use to create the different sized buildings to add levels to our art work. Then we had to cut them out and stick them on, experimenting with where the buildings overlapped to show which ones were closer and further.

    To finish we used chalk to draw windows and smudged them with our fingers. Then we traced around a Beegu template and added her to the artwork before giving her the final details. The children absolutely loved it and had a huge sense of pride.

  • Stone Age cave dioramas.

    Our theme this half term has been the Stone Age, we built up our knowledge of how people lived in the Stone Age and we used this to help us. First we planned what we wanted our caves to look like. Then we went outside to search for sticks, stones and leaves to include in our dioramas, we then painted the inside of our shoe boxes to make it dark and dull like the interior of a cave. Finally we used all the knowledge we have gathered about fires, animal skin and tools to decorate and compose the inside of a cave.

  • Parents Evenings

    Year 1 parents’ evening appointments can be made for Tuesday 5th November and Wednesday 6th November. Please return your slips as soon as possible to make it more likely we can find a time best fitted to you. If none of the times are appropriate please speak to me and we can try to find an alternative time.

  • Spooky in Year 1

    In the lead up to October half term we’ve been enjoying some crafty activities with pumpkins and ghosts, exploring different ways to produce art. We used stamping and made collages. Have a great break and see you all soon!

  • Michael Recycle.

    At the start of the school year we were working around the theme ‘Sustainable Environments’, and Year One’s focus was recycling. Our text was ‘Michael Recycle meets Litterbug Doug’ and all of Year One loved the story. Coincidentally we then asked for bags of clothing to be sent in for ‘Recycle with Michael’ to support the charity Samaritans… we donated 520kg of textiles! We won for the highest amount donated so were visited by Michael Recycle (he looked a little different to the illustrations in our text…) and Year One were absolutely thrilled.

  • Year 1 How to help.

    Year 1’s How to Help session is on Monday 21st October at 2:45pm. Please try to attend as we will be covering a lot that will help you to help your children.

  • Busy at Work

    Year 1 have settled in really well to their new classroom and routines.  Well done Year 1!