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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 Webpage.

The staff in Year 2 are Mrs Smith, Mrs Thwaites and Mrs Jefferis.


  • PE- Tuesdays
  • Books changed – Tuesday and Friday
  • Spellings – Given on Monday and tested the following Monday
  • Homework – Maths and English given on Wednesday, due back the following Monday

Year 2 Overview

Autumn Term

We start the school year with the topic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We learn about wolves and write poetry based on this theme. We even write a non-chronological report based on the story.

After half term we learn about recycling in school through a book called ‘Dinosaurs and all that rubbish’. We focus on persuasive posters and learn how to keep our school tidy and cut down on waste.

In RE we learn about signs and symbols in a range of different religions. We also learn about Christmas and special journeys that people make at this time. We explore the Christmas story and who the characters are and what they represent to Christians.

Spring Term

We begin by looking at The Great Fire of London. We learn about the events leading up to the fire such as the Black Plague and after the fire, including rebuilding London. Our focus in English is to learn how to recount the events of the fire and to look at diaries kept by eyewitnesses and how these can be used to gather historical evidence.

In RE we look at the Christian Church and discuss the main features of a church and the reasons why people attend church.

I the second half of Spring we look at ‘The Tudors’ and discuss the main events during this period of history.

Summer Term

In Summer, we begin by looking at a book called the Great Kapok Tree and we examine explanation texts and learn how spiders make their webs. We also look at the rainforest and discuss he animals that live in the rainforest.

During poetry week, we look at ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. We discuss the rhyming couplets and the simple structure of the poem.

After half term, we focus on discussion and we look at an inventor named Samuel Cody and explore other inventions and their uses in the world around us. We also learn to discuss other important and relevant ideas in school in order to involve the children in their education and give them a voice.

The documents below will give you more detailed information about learning in Year 2.