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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s Webpage

The staff in Year 3 are Miss Parry and Mrs Payne.

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Year 3 Routines:

  • P.E. is on a Monday and Wednesday. Pupils need to come to school in PE kit on both days.
  • Reading books need to be in school every day and will be changed weekly
  • Spellings are handed out on Friday to learn by the following Friday
  • Times Tables Practice will be carried out weekly on Wednesdays with the expectation the children will know their 2, 3, 4, 5,  8 and 10 times tables by the end of Year 3. Children are expected to practice at home on Times Table Rockstars
  • Homework (Maths or Grammar) will be given on a Friday to be handed in the following Tuesday

Year 3 Blog

  • Iron Age Roundhouses

    In DT, Year 3 have been studying houses from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have set ourselves the task of creating our own model Iron Age village, like something that could be seen on display in a museum. Today, we created the first part of the model: our own Iron Age roundhouses. We used glue guns to secure our wooden posts into our house bases and then used Modroc to create our walls because we didn’t fancy using the real wattle and daub (which included a mix of mud and animal dung!). We then created our thatched roofs out of card and hay. We cannot wait for the next part of our design project.

  • Reciprocal Writing

    In English, we have been reading The Finger Eater by Dick King Smith. In our lessons, we have been immersing ourselves in the world of the Far North, where Ulf the Troll terrorises the local village until the plucky and bold Gudrun comes up with a plan to put an end to his vicious ways. The class worked extremely hard in groups to write a recount of Gudrun’s victory from her point of view, each writing a sentence in turn to build up the story.

  • End of Term Fun!

    Year 3 have had a fabulous few weeks getting into the Christmas spirit. Alongside our lessons, we have been sewing Christmas decorations, creating pom-poms, designing and painting cards, learning about the Nativity story, and sparkling and shining in our Christmas performance. We also enjoyed our end of term extravaganza, with a pantomime, party and Christmas lunch together.

  • Investigating soil

    Year 3 investigated soil types yesterday afternoon, exploring it’s properties and how permeable different soil types were.


  • Natural History Museum Trip

    Year 3 have had a superb time exploring the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. After an excited coach ride up to London, the children explored the beautiful building and its many galleries. To link in with our Geography topic, we spent lots of time in the Earthquakes and Volcanoes gallery, where we braved the earthquake simulator and learned all about tectonic plate movement. We got hands on in the Restless Surface gallery and learned more about our Earth and how it changes over time. It was tallying time as we explored the many gemstones and natural materials on show in Earth’s Treasury – we were very sad not to be able to take home some of the diamonds!

    Year 3 had a wonderful day and are excited to continue learning all about earthquakes, volcanoes and rocks.

  • Welcome to Bollywood!

    In PE, Year 3 have been learning all about Bollywood dance. They have explored different pieces of music as well as mudras, levels and other elements of this dance style. After lots of hard work choreographing their routines, the class performed their dances this week to great acclaim. They worked brilliantly in their teams and really embodied all of their learning.


  • Staying Active!

    Year 3 were lucky enough to work with the School’s Sports Partnership on a Stay Active session this week. Our teacher, Mr Harrington, taught us a brand new game: a faster-paced game of cricket! We worked in four teams to score the most runs and be the most effective fielders. We particularly enjoyed catching the balls, which ricocheted all over the hall. The blue team had the highest score but we were all winners because our heart rates were up and our faces were full of smiles!

  • A Step Back In Time

    As part of our topic on the Stone Age, Year 3 have been exploring palaeolithic and neolithic cave art. First, we studied some real-life examples, such as the Cave of Lascaux, and then explored how we could create animal figures using natural coloured oil pastels and charcoal. Next, we will create a watercolour background wash on textured paper to simulate the roughness of a cave wall and then transfer our drawings onto them. We are having a great time but agreed it is much easier to use oil pastels than natural materials as a drawing tool!

  • Today’s Readers Are Tomorrow’s Leaders

    In Year 3, we have been practicing our reading skills and fluency with our English text: Dr Xargle’s Book of Earth Hounds. We agreed on the qualities of a good reader, such as stopping at punctuation, emphasising exciting parts of a sentence, and reading ahead to know how our voices should sound. Then, we put these into practice with some performance readings as the alien teacher, Dr Xargle!

  • Mathematicians

    In Maths, Year 3 have moved on from learning about multiplication and division to start our topic on place value. We have been using lots of concrete manipulatives, such as base 10, arrow cards, and bead strings, to help us. We have then applied these skills to our learning in pictorial ways, such as using part-whole models and place value charts. We especially enjoyed using the arrow cards to make 3-digit numbers and explain how they are made!