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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5’s Webpage.

The staff in Year 5 are Mrs May, Mrs Evans & Mrs Wilkins


  • Swimming takes place on Wednesday for the Autumn & Spring Terms
  • PE is on Monday
  • Reading books can be changed daily with the expectation to read to an adult 4 times a week
  • Spellings are handed out on Tuesday to learn by the following Tuesday
  • Maths homework will be set on a Friday to be completed by Wednesday

Year 5 Blog

  • Year 5 Work From Home

    Year 5 you are absolute stars!  We are so proud of all the fantastic work you are doing while we cannot be together at school.  Have a look at the pictures below to see what your friends have been up to.

  • Journey into Space

    Well done for a great assembly this morning Year 5.

  • Observatory Trip

    Yesterday, I had the best school trip ever!

    As I woke full of excitement, I ran downstairs and scoffed down my breakfast. I got my dad to drop me off at the train station. It was our school trip to the Royal Observatory (known as the best school trip ever). But the best bit, by far, was the City Thames Cruise! My excitement grew more and more as I heard the roar of the engine come to life! After all that happened, the boat gently started its journey through the deep water of London.

    As we were on the boat, I saw the Elizabeth Tower being re-built. Soon after, a sea-gull was walking on the roof – that really made me laugh! We were ten minutes into the journey and I saw St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge. Not soon after, Mrs Nugent took us to the top of the boat (it was freezing)! I was staring at the wavy water!

    I had a wonderful day!

  • Science Workshop

    Last week we had a workshop to make orreries.

    The gentleman who ran the workshop, made it exciting and taught us how the Earth orbits the Sun. Plus how the moon orbits the Earth.

    Did you know it takes 27 days for the moon to orbit the Earth completely?

    It takes 365 1/4 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun. Therefore, making a leap year every 4 years.

  • Fun Run

    After weeks of training, we competed in the local Fun Run at South Oxhey Playing Fields.

    Well done to all as the conditions were very difficult and was not an easy course.

    An extra well done to the Elite Team: 1st Place – George Harris, 2nd Place: Liam Matthews, 3rd Place: Charlie Hackett-Goldsmith, 1st Greenfields girl: Amber Greasby

  • World Of Work For Kids

    On Wednesday we experienced a day in the life of an adult. Our journey started off by travelling to London by train. We arrived at Kidzania Westfield and was introduced to a town full of opportunities, experiencing many professions. Most of us took ourselves off to University to gain a degree which enabled us to earn even more money. After collecting our wages throughout the day, we were able to spend the Kidzoes in the gift shop. It was a long and tiring but well worth the trip!

  • Class Assembly 7th November 2019

    We enjoyed sharing  all the learning for this term in our Class Assembly.


  • Science Workshop 8th November 2019

    We enjoyed a science workshop causing explosions, safely.

    We carried out an investigation to see which change of temperature caused the ‘Pop Tub’ to explode the fastest. Resulting in the tub that was 40 degrees C popping the quickest.


  • A robot visits Year 5!

    Thank you to Charlie and his Grandad for sharing the robotic arm they have built together.  We were really impressed with your control of the robot, picking things up and moving them around.

  • Year 5 Bikeability

    What a great start to Year 5’s Cycling Proficiency Award.  The trainers commented on their excellent behaviour and listening skills.  Watch out for them on the road tomorrow!