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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5’s Webpage.

The staff in Year 5 are Mrs May, Mrs Dupree and Mrs Alousi.

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  • Swimming takes place on Tuesday for the Autumn & Spring Terms
  • PE is on Thursday
  • Reading books can be changed daily with the expectation to read to an adult 4 times a week
  • Spellings are handed out on Monday to learn by Friday
  • Maths homework will be set on a Friday to be completed by Wednesday
  • Topic or Science will be set every Friday

Year 5 Blog

  • An Afternoon of Music

    Today, we were treated to concert performed by The Purcell School for Young Musicians. We clapped and sang along to lots of Disney tunes from a symphony orchestra, a big band and fantastic singers. It was a most enjoyable afternoon listening to some of our favourites songs from Lion King to Frozen 2!

  • Celebrating 70 Years of Greenfields

    During our first week back to school after the Summer Break, we focused our learning on: ‘The History of Greenfields, How Birthdays are Celebrated around the World and wrote diary entries from the perspective of Bradley in There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom when he went to his first birthday party.’ However, the pinnacle of the week was the Disco and The Fair, where we had so much fun!

  • Reactivating our Maths

    In Year 5, we have been settling into the new academic year and reactivating our maths while playing games.

  • Sports Week!

    During Sports Week, we have tried our hand at many different sports, including football, athletics, street dance, dodgeball and the all-important inflatable obstacle race and bar football.  As well as enjoying everything on offer, we created our very own sport activity circuit, which we then ran as a round robin for the school. This gave us the opportunity to develop our organisational and leadership skills, as well as the importance of being adaptable when the heavens opened and the rain poured down!

  • York House Experience

    We were lucky enough to be invited to spend a day having lots of fun doing Outdoor Adventure Activities at York House School. Working together as a team, as well as challenging ourselves, we experienced how outdoor learning can be brought to life. We interacted with the rescue animals while doing some small-holding; pushed ourselves to our physical limits with slack-lining, rock climbing and traversing; challenged our creativity when building shelters with minimal equipment; and put our map-reading skills into action as we explored York House’s extensive grounds.

  • 1950s School Dinners

    As part of our local area study, Year 5 created their own menu for a 1950s school dinner, using ingredients that would have been found in South Oxhey in this period.

    Today, the class of budding chefs took up the challenge of working in teams to cook these school meals. For some of the children, this was their first time cooking a meal and they rose to the occasion wonderfully. They learned how to safely use sharp knives, peelers and hot saucepans and frying pans to create their meals.

    We can’t wait until next week, where we will have access to herbs and spices from around the world to add more flavour to a 2020s style dish…

  • Geography Fieldwork

    As part of our Topic on South Oxhey, we have been undertaking geographical fieldwork to learn more about our local area. We gathered data about the environment, types of housing, and volume of passing road and foot traffic on four roads around South Oxhey: Prestwick Road, Fairfield Avenue, Ashridge Drive and Furze Close. We found Prestwick Road the most challenging to record data about – the cars just kept coming!

  • Artificial Pollination

    As part of our Science topic on Life Cycles, we have been learning about how flowering plants reproduce. After finding out about pollination, we wondered if it was possible to pollinate a plant without having bees or the wind involved. To test this, we collected pollen from the anther of one geranium flower and moved this onto the stigma of another flower. We are excited to see whether our hand pollination is a success, or if we should leave the hard work to the bees!

  • Observational Drawings

    In Topic this term, we are learning all about our local area: South Oxhey. In this week’s lesson, we learned all about the history of Greenfields, including the story of how and why it became a Grade-II listed building in the 1990s.

    To celebrate the architecture of our school, we created our own observational drawings. We practiced how to vary our tones and how to create texture through a variety of hatching types. Then, we set off  to draw the Upper KS2 classrooms and the biodome. We had great fun doing this, and had the extra challenge of  stopping our sketchbooks from blowing away in the wind!

  • P.E.

    Since returning to school after the Easter break, we have been able to return to the swimming pool where we are all  becoming confident in the water and learning swim at least 25 metres.

    Also in PE, we are developing our skills in Tennis. This week, we have been practising our serve through sending and receiving the ball over a net, while continuing with our accuracy in a volley.

    Over the next few weeks, we will be introduced to a scoring system and understanding IN & OUT whilst rallying. Eventually, applying all we have learnt into a ‘Matchplay’ and scoring with respect in a game situation.