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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6’s Webpage

The staff in Year 6 are Mr Pople, Mrs Cochrane and Mrs Wilkins


  • Reading records should be handed in first thing in the morning.  Books can be changed any day of the week.  We encourage parents/carers to read with their child 3 x per week and ask questions about their reading.
  • Spelling homework focussing on rules and investigations are sent home on a Tuesday.  Pupils also have their ongoing personal lists.
  • Maths games are changed on a Wednesday.  Please play these games at least twice with your child.
  • English homework is sent home on a Thursday.
  • Maths homework (coloured maths sheets, times table and mental maths practise sheets) are sent home on a Friday.
  • PE is on a Wednesday and Friday but please have your kit in school every day.  Swimming kit is needed on a Wednesday during the first half of the Autumn term.

Yearly overview


We will explore areas of learning with a focus on reading and writing narrative and speaking and listening activities based around ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  This will include studying animals and habitats found in woodlands and will visit our local woods using map skills to explore and make observations.  This will be followed by a topic about the Egyptians with a historical enquiry.  Our writing will include non-chronological reports about animals and an Egyptian quest story.


In the Spring Term our topic is called ‘Living in America’ and we will be exploring the geography of both North and South America.  We will examine how the lives of people living there are affected by human and physical factors and follow an enquiry around the wonder of the Galapagos Islands, their discovery and creation.  Our narrative, ‘Jungle Story’ and discussion text, ‘Holiday in the UK’ will link to this.  Science topics will involve studies about evolution and animal adaptations.  We will begin preparations for the SATs tests in May and will be visiting the Houses of Parliament.


We will be learning about ‘The Great Outdoors’ through exploration of the natural environment and all it has to offer on a local, national and international scale.  We will consider how we interact with our environment and the impact this can have.  The science of light and sight will also be covered along with the Human Body, exercise and sex and drug education.

During the first half of the Summer Term, Year 6 pupils will take their SATs tests.  More details will follow throughout the school year.  Year 6 School Journey and the Leavers Production will take place in the second half of the Summer Term.


Back to the Beginning Song

Rock Bottom Rocks

Start All Over Again Song

This link will take you to samples of all of the songs in the production so you will have an idea of the tune to help you to practice them.