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Year 1 went on a Tree Hunt

Year 1 had a lovely afternoon in the woods identifying trees as part of their unit of work in Science on Plants.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Year 6 have been thinking about the 5 different ways they can help their wellbeing.  These are:  Keep Learning; Stay Active; Give; Take Notice and Connect.

A rainbow over Greenfields


We have had a very special week observing ducklings hatch in Early Years .  They are looking forward to meeting the rest of the school over the next couple of weeks.  

We Love Reading!

We’ve had a great day reading lots of books and dressing up as our favourite characters.

Express Yourself!

We enjoyed dressing up to express ourselves during this years’ Children’s Mental Health Week.

Doorstop Visits

Today we visited all of our remote learners with treat bags to say well done for working so hard at home this half term. We are all looking forward to enjoying them this afternoon, as well as our school based learners as we spend a virtual afternoon at the theatre.

Teddy Toast!

Year 1 have been following instructions to make Teddy Toast….yummmm!

Year 1 Forest School Fun!

Our school based learners had a wonderful afternoon around the campfire drinking hot chocolate!

Forest School in the Snow

Our children at Forest School today had a wonderful time around the camp fire in the snow,  drinking hot chocolate.