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Cooking a Malaysian noodle dish.

In Geography we have been comparing South Oxhey to different places in the  world. We wanted to create a Malaysian inspired noodle dish. In preparation we discussed the importance of hygiene and the safety needed to successfully use knives. We had to adapt our noodles to ensure they were edible for all children including those …

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We love coding!

We started off following two step instructions and then built up to four steps.  Some of us managed to find glitches too!

Science Investigators

In science today, we were investigating ‘Thermal Conductors’ as part of our Properties of Materials topic. We used three different materials (wood, plastic, metal) to investigate which material conducted heat the best. We worked this out by observing which spoon allowed the butter to melt the fastest! Metal won the race! Which one do you …

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First Week Back

We had a fantastic first week back in the classroom and played a lot of strategy/maths games with our classmates! Year 5 are really enjoying getting stuck into the whole class text ‘Tuesday’ where mysterious events happen every Tuesday.

World Book Week

Last week was World Book Week and we had a great time doing a range of activities and lots of reading! We read the book ‘Tin Forest’ and we worked in small groups to produce a wonderful whole-class poem about two contrasting scenes in the book. We also made pictures based on these scenes using …

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Year 4 Circus

Year 4 created a wonderful circus event for everyone to enjoy!