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Mini Police Project

In Year 5,  our local PCSO has been visiting us on a weekly basis, teaching us about our community officers and their role. We have learnt  what Anti-Social Behaviour is and how the Police deal with it.  We have located our nearest Police Station and what to do if we need the Police in an …

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St Helen’s Visit

We were fortunate to be  invited to St Helen’s School to experience some of their facilities and resources on offer. We spent the day in their Science Lab – firstly looking at cells which are the basic building blocks of all living things. Next we learnt about the skeleton and the names of our bones. …

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1950’s Rations

We have been studying our local history ‘South Oxhey’  and found out that the estate was built to house people from London who had been bombed. The London Council felt South Oxhey was a perfect spot to build houses, not only did it have a lot of land to build houses on but also a …

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A World Of Work

In Year 5, we experienced what it would be like to be an adult for the day by visiting the World Of Work – Kidzania. We had to undertake a variety of jobs to earn our money (Kidzos). After working through jobs like: car washing, delivery person, shelf stacker in a supermarket, fireman and police, …

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Queen’s Jubilee Fun

We celebrated the Queen’s 70th Year on the throne by playing lots of traditional games along with a tea party! After singing ‘The National Anthem’, we tucked into the delicious sandwiches which we made earlier. Lots of FUN was had by all!

Red Nose Day

We came to school wearing something ‘red’ to symbolise the charity Red Nose Day! To mark the day with a bit of fun, we had a Red Nose and Spoon Race, along with telling some terrible jokes to make Mrs Day laugh. “Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?” Because he had nobody to …

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Tag Rugby

Year 5 took part in a Tag Rugby Festival with local schools. Due to the heavy rain the previous day, it made the game more difficult to run the pitch, to score a try and tag opponents. On the other hand, it sure was fun sliding on the muddy field. Team C came 1st in …

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Moving Vehicles

Today in Year 5, we had a visitor in school to teach us how to make a moving vehicle. We attached a motor with a propeller which enabled our vehicles to move swiftly across the hall floor. “We learnt how to make a car and how to make it move with a fan. I liked …

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Super Mathematicians

Well done to our superb Year 5 Maths Team – Andy, Reuben, Nathan & Akshay! These boys entered the Hertfordshire Maths Challenge this week and worked fantastically as team in the first heat. There were four rounds to the competition: two rounds of general maths questions, memory round and  visual estimation. The maximum score was …

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Anyone for Tennis

We have been lucky to secure Tennis coaching from Maple Cross Tennis Club for the rest of this academic year.  Year 5 have not only enjoyed being coached by an expert  during their P.E. lessons, but also had the opportunity to join a lunchtime club.