Cross Country

In order to enter our Schools Sports Partnership – Virtual Cross Country Event, Year 5 completed the Fun 4 Run Program this term. Each week we would start our PE lesson with a warm-up as it not only reduces the risk of injury, it also enhanced our performance. We would then move onto ‘running drills’ which included short bursts of 20 meters each slightly faster than the previous one. Following that, each week we would build up our stamina by completing laps of the playground which measures 100 metres per lap. Eventually, we progressed onto the field completing 8 laps of 200 metres – therefore running 1 mile. Our resilience and determination shone through with our whole class completing 1 mile every week.

This training proved fruitful – The boys came 2nd place and the girls came 4th place in the Family event!

Well done to all the children in Year 5 – you are our future Olympic champions!