Duckling update!!

We are absolutely loving having the ducklings in Reception. At the weekend our last egg hatched, so now that’s a total of five – just like the song, which we have been singing too!! The ducklings have changed so quickly over the past few days and we have noticed that they are getting taller, they are not as fluffy as they were after they hatched, they don’t have their egg tooth anymore, they can move very quickly and stay together, they are eating and drinking a lot and they spend lots of time sleeping under the heat stand. Today we took the ducklings outside and put them in the water tray and watched them swim. We were amazed that they know how to swim already. They splashed about and even got us a little wet. The ducklings even know how to dip and dive under the water. We are really going to miss them when they leave us to go to their new homes.