Relationships and Sex Education

Relationship and Sex Education is part of the PSHE curriculum from Foundations Stage to Year 6. The youngest children begin by thinking about families and simple differences between boys and girls. Children in year 4 have sessions to consider changes at puberty. In year 5 they learn about same sex relationships and diversity. In year 6 we cover sexual intercourse and the birth of a baby. Children’s questions are answered sensitively, honestly and is much detail as is appropriate to the age and stage of development of the individual.

All materials are available for parents to view. As of September 2020, these lessons are statutory, therefore parents cannot withdraw their children from them.

Throughout the school, children are encouraged to develop the self-esteem and confidence which they need to respond safely and responsibly to situations as they arise, both while they are at Greenfields and in the future. As part of this the school uses guidance from the PSHE Association and linked learning skills aimed at teaching children how to work successfully together, negotiate and compromise, persevere and have the confidence to take risks in their learning.