Getting ready for Kipper’s Birthday (Thursday 25th November 2021)

We have enjoyed a day filled with preparation for Kipper’s Birthday party. We have been decorating biscuits, making jam sandwiches and making a cake. We have been using a spoon to put icing on top of our biscuits and then squeezed icing sugar tubes to decorate them. We used a knife to spread jam on a slice of bread and put another slice on top and then cut the sandwiches in half and then in quarters. Some children decided they wanted squares and others triangles. To make the cake we needed to use a wooden spoon to beat the butter and sugar together. We then cracked eggs one at a time to add to the mixture. We used a whisk to mix it together. We then used the weighing scales to add the flour and then used a sieve to add it to the mixture. We took it in turns to mix the mixture together and then added some milk. We put the mixture into a baking tin and then an adult put it into the oven. We all agreed that the cake smelt delicious! Now we just have to decorate it tomorrow.