March – Chick madness!!

During this month we have had some excitement to say the least! We were very lucky to receive an incubator and 11 eggs. We waited patiently and with great excitement and a few days later witnessed the hatching of the eggs. We were so lucky that we had 10 healthy chicks. We had to leave the chicks in the incubator for 24 hours so that they dried out and then carefully put them in the brooder box. We got the brooder box ready for our new friends by laying newspaper down, putting a layer of wood shavings, fill their food and water bowls. Once the chicks were ready to go inside the brooder box we had to be even more patient to wait to handle them. They had to get used to their new home and we loved watching them. We found out all about what happens inside the egg before they hatch and what changes would occur as they grow. We were amazed at how quickly they changed over a week and noticed what was changing. We wrote about the chicks and looked at non-fiction books to find out information. We loved handling the chicks and we were so gentle and caring with them. I think that in reception we have a few chick whisperers!!!