New Life

In Reception we had some new visitors in our classroom. On Monday when we got to school we found an incubator with some eggs inside it. The incubator was keeping the eggs warm and safe so that they could hatch. On Thursday morning when we arrived at school we found that one of the eggs had hatched and we had a duckling. We asked lots of questions about what had happened overnight. We were really excited but we had to remember that the duckling was a newborn and just like after we were born we had to be gentle. We took turns to pet the duckling. It was really soft and it moved a lot.  Later on in the morning another egg hatched and we watched it come out of the shell. It was really amazing. Now there are two ducklings and they can keep each other company. They have been making lots of noise and we are fascinated by them. We are thoroughly enjoying observing them and taking extra special care of them. We are hoping that more eggs will hatch!