Observatory Trip

Yesterday, I had the best school trip ever!

As I woke full of excitement, I ran downstairs and scoffed down my breakfast. I got my dad to drop me off at the train station. It was our school trip to the Royal Observatory (known as the best school trip ever). But the best bit, by far, was the City Thames Cruise! My excitement grew more and more as I heard the roar of the engine come to life! After all that happened, the boat gently started its journey through the deep water of London.

As we were on the boat, I saw the Elizabeth Tower being re-built. Soon after, a sea-gull was walking on the roof – that really made me laugh! We were ten minutes into the journey and I saw St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge. Not soon after, Mrs Nugent took us to the top of the boat (it was freezing)! I was staring at the wavy water!

I had a wonderful day!