Our Completed Iron Age Village

After weeks of hard work, Year 3 completed their Iron Age village. First the children made their houses of wooden beams, Modroc, straw and card, then decorated and landscaped their homes. The class then turned their attention to how they would create a village. In History, we have studied the advancements in the Iron Age, such as smelting iron ore to make weapons, increased use of fishing, farming and rearing sheep for meat and wool, and how settlements were built on hills to keep the people safe. The children split into groups, each taking an aspect of Iron Age life, and made decorations and models to add to the village backdrop, which they modelled and painted themselves. Finally, it was time to create figures (can you spot the warriors covered in blue woad paint to scare off the Romans?) and assemble the village; the children thought carefully about the placement of their houses relative to the campfires and water that kept the villagers alive. What a fantastic museum-quality piece they have made!