Reception’s Fruit Salad


This week in Reception we have been reading the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad By Vivian French. Oliver loves his Grandpa’s garden as he grows all his own fruit and vegetables. Oliver spends time there helping Grandpa pick them. One day while eating breakfast he tells his Mum that he helps Grandpa pick crunchy red apples from the garden. A little while later Mum gets a tin of pears out of the cupboard and Oliver comments how Grandpa grows fresh pears in his garden. They go to the supermarket and Oliver discovers so many different fruits. They buy them and bring them home and Oliver says that he doesn’t like fruit. Grandpa comes to their house and sees all the wonderful fruit on the table and says “Fruit salad.” Oliver has never had this before and helps to cut up the fruit and to his surprise he likes fruit salad.  This afternoon we made our very own fruit salad, the children were so excited. Lots of children said that they have never had fruit salad before and that they couldn’t wait to taste it. They cut the fruit very carefully using a plastic knife. The children commented on how delicious the fruits smelled while they were cutting. They noticed the colour, smell and texture of the different fruits and we talked about if they had tasted the different fruits before.  Just like Oliver the children love fruit salad too!!