Remote Learning

Year 5 have got stuck into their remote learning. We have been learning ‘what makes a good persuasive advert’ and are now planning and writing our own persuasive advertisement for a new school – maybe it is a school of skateboarding or cycling or cookery.
In maths we have been calculating the perimeter and area of compound shapes. Plus keeping up with our fluency using addition pyramids.
It is important to keep positive and to look after yourself during these unprecedent times! One child, in our class, was not having a good day and went to bed in a bad mood, not wanting to do his remote learning work. However, he made the choice to search “How to have better luck in your life.” The answer he got was to think positively and don’t give. This gave him the inspiration to create a fantastic piece of artwork. They are now back on focus and completing all their remote learning to a very high standard.
We are so proud of you all Year 5 and look forward to having you all back in the classroom next week!