World Book Week in Year 1

To celebrate world book day at Greenfields we have had been participating in a mass of activities. We have done heaps of reading, including some shared reading with the Year 5 children.

Our focus for the week has been Beegu, which the children have loved so much we are carrying it on next week! We looked in detail at the front cover and the illustrations and considered how it would feel to be someone in an unfamiliar place where the people didn’t speak the same language. This led to some lovely conversations about the different languages that the children speak at home and some researching to discover why there are so many different languages.

We used one of the illustrations from Beegu to create some art work.

For the background we used water colours to cover a piece of paper, the children had to use long strokes across the page to make the appearance of the sky.

Then we had to create the skyline. We used shapes from our maths area to draw around and then cut out, we had to consider which shapes to use to create the different sized buildings to add levels to our art work. Then we had to cut them out and stick them on, experimenting with where the buildings overlapped to show which ones were closer and further.

To finish we used chalk to draw windows and smudged them with our fingers. Then we traced around a Beegu template and added her to the artwork before giving her the final details. The children absolutely loved it and had a huge sense of pride.