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Maths magnitude

Learning about magnitude of numbers is a very tricky concept for children, Year 2 were struggling to grasp how to plot numbers thinking about their relationship to others. So we downed our books and took to the hall to become our own number lines!

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 have already started off on a very busy front… including using real tools to develop our understanding of fixing and building which linked to our first text of the year. The children were focused and intrigued by the different tools and learning how they each had a purpose.

Red Nose Day Races!

For Red Nose Day we all wore red and had crazy hair to raise money for Comic Relief. We also had some Red Nose Day races where we channelled egg and spoon…. and had red nose and spoon races. The kids had great fun, and we raised a lot of money to help others.

Singing Workshop

Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to take part in a Singing Workshop this morning, they had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed the singing and practising clapping games, as well as experiencing instruments.

Garden Centre Visit.

Year 2 were offered a wonderful opportunity to go to our local Squire’s Garden Centre for a free experience of learning about and planting potatoes, the children had an excellent time and thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge they gained… we may have rather a few future gardeners amongst us. We brought the potatoes back to school …

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Living Science.

We had a visit from baby Freddie and his mum today, the children wrote lots of questions they wanted to know about Freddie and about how his mum helped him to grow. We have been learning about animals including humans, including life cycles. It was great for the children to explore how growth happens within …

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Scientists in Year 2

In Science we have been learning about plants, we know about the parts of the plants and the functions of these parts so tested our knowledge by dissection a plant that had a flower and then sorting the parts into their groups.  It was a great lesson and the children loved it!


In art the children have researched and explored collages, they have learnt how the most effective collages use a variety of materials combined to make an image. They initially made group collages, then developed their skills by designing and creating their own. We linked our collage work to our topic of Weather in Geography.

Measuring in Year 2

We have been working on standard units of measure in class, and have been doing this practically to support our learning. The children have become more accurate at measuring and beginning to apply the learning to different areas like measuring a certain volume of water for their plants.

Ralph the Reindeer Christmas production.

Year Two loved being the narrators for Ralph the Reindeer, our Christmas production. They worked so hard to learn their lines and project their voices. Well done Year Two!