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Great Fire of London Investigation

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London, we know that there are many reasons as to why the fire spread so rapidly including the wind, the houses mainly being made from wood and also because the houses and buildings in 1666 were built so close together that the fire could easily move …

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We used oil pastels to create a firework inspired pieces of art work. Our work started with practicing our fireworks in our sketchbooks with coloured pencils before we felt successful enough to move onto black paper with oil pastels. We were so proud of the progress we made within a single lesson!

iPad research.

In Geography we have been comparing South Oxhey to Kampong Ayer. We used the iPads to research and compare the different time zones both places are in. It helped us to understand why the World has different time zones.

Colour wheels.

We have been building on our understanding of the colour wheel, with primary and secondary colours, to help us during art lessons so we can choose the correct colours for our pieces of work.

Settling in for Year 2.

Year 2 have been settling in so well the past week and a half, with some great homework and loving their slot on the pirate ship. Keep it up Year 2.

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In honour of Science Week, Year 1 and 2 spent an afternoon together with parents exploring and investigating lots of different areas of Science. We had apple dissection to sort out the parts of an apple, dancing raising to see what gases can do, tin foil boats to create the best floating boat, lego house …

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Year 2 Busy at Work.

Year 2 have settled in well.  Well done Year 2!