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Ralph the Reindeer Christmas production.

Year Two loved being the narrators for Ralph the Reindeer, our Christmas production. They worked so hard to learn their lines and project their voices. Well done Year Two!

Christmas fair.

The children were so excited to be able to attend the Christmas fair albeit different to what we had hoped for. They had plenty of stalls to visit with their tickets and took home some lovely prizes.

Materials investigation in Science.

In Science we have been learning about different everyday materials and their properties, to help us to understand these we have been conducting investigations using different materials to make objects. The children have been challenging themselves with using vocabulary like transparent, brittle, fragile, and translucent.

Food tasting in Year 2; DT

Year 2 linked their DT this half term to their Geography, we researched different traditional foods from around the world and compared them to each other. We found lots of countries had similar foods that were slightly adapted. We planned the food and thought carefully about hygiene and safety too. The children were apprehensive about …

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Play leaders

Year 4 had play leader training that taught them many skills and ways to support younger year groups on the playground. Year 2 had great fun helping them with their training and look forward to having play leaders on the playground in the future.

Geography – wonders of the world!

In Geography we have been exploring all the different wonders around the world, including mountains, rivers, buildings, ancient and modern. We have worked hard on applying our recall of the seven continents to locating them on a map, and have used Wonders of the World to do this. Our class carpet space made this learning …

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Science – materials

Our Science this term is materials and their properties, we have started to recognise many different materials around us and started applying this knowledge to their properties and the jobs these properties help them to do. This lesson started some excellent discussions about materials, like books being part of wood and where would we group …

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Settling in and partying!

Year 2 have been busy this week getting used to a new classroom and have been working incredibly hard. We celebrated with a party, fair, and a disco which was also to celebrate Greenfields’ 70th birthday!

Bouncy castle fun

We were very lucky to get a bouncy castle for sports week, and the children absolutely loved it!

Sports week

Year 2 have had a fantastic sports week, they haven’t stopped!