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Getting ready for Kipper’s Birthday (Thursday 25th November 2021)

We have enjoyed a day filled with preparation for Kipper’s Birthday party. We have been decorating biscuits, making jam sandwiches and making a cake. We have been using a spoon to put icing on top of our biscuits and then squeezed icing sugar tubes to decorate them. We used a knife to spread jam on …

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Halloween Fun!!

We have had a wonderful week of Halloween fun in Reception. The children have thoroughly enjoyed our spooky role play area, making potions, doing spaghetti painting (the children said they were the spells coming out of the cauldron), using tweezers to pick up Halloween pasta shapes and making a witch using 2D shapes.  We watched …

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Reception September 2021

Reception have had a great start to the year and have been enjoying settling in and making new friends. They have been enjoying exploring their new classroom and resources and the outdoor area.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!!

This week we have reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We have absolutely enjoyed the story and it is definitely one of our favourites. The children have been joining in reading the story and joining in with Michael Rosen too on YouTube. Our role play area was turned into the story …

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Troll Jelly

Reception read ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and have been doing a variety of activities to do with the story. They have absolutely loved retelling the story in our story tray and have been enjoying being the different characters. They have loved being the troll and especially the Big Billy Goat Gruff. We made troll …

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Reception’s Fruit Salad

  This week in Reception we have been reading the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad By Vivian French. Oliver loves his Grandpa’s garden as he grows all his own fruit and vegetables. Oliver spends time there helping Grandpa pick them. One day while eating breakfast he tells his Mum that he helps Grandpa pick crunchy red …

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Duckling update!!

We are absolutely loving having the ducklings in Reception. At the weekend our last egg hatched, so now that’s a total of five – just like the song, which we have been singing too!! The ducklings have changed so quickly over the past few days and we have noticed that they are getting taller, they …

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HRH Prince Philip

On Friday we found out a little bit about HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. We watched newsround and talked about what we saw. In his memory we made flags that the children took home to wave and say goodbye.  

Great News!!


Since our last blog we have had two more new arrivals. We now have four ducklings. They are doing really well and enjoying each others company. On Friday we held the ducklings, we have been waiting patiently to do this. We were so excited but we were very careful and very gentle. with them.  

New Life

In Reception we had some new visitors in our classroom. On Monday when we got to school we found an incubator with some eggs inside it. The incubator was keeping the eggs warm and safe so that they could hatch. On Thursday morning when we arrived at school we found that one of the eggs …

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